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Backstory 20th & 21st century

15/07/1982Kira was born.
early/09/1998Kira becomes a trucker at the age of 16 (thanks to a fake ID).
mid 2000“The Phoenix” nickname was born.
end/12/2011Kira has problems with the mafia.
Kira is extorted by the mafia.
early/03/2012Kira finds an ad looking for human-guinea pigs for a cryogenics experiment.
mid/03/2012Kira is cryopreserved.

Backstory 22nd to 30th century

07/09/2997 Aia was found and adopted by her foster parents.

Arc AThe Awakened 07/01/3025 to 06/08/3025

  • A01 ~ The Rebirth of The Phoenix

    07/01/3025Kira awakened.
    Kira meets Aia.
    08/01/3025Kira’s first visit in space and the Alpha-XT station.
    His former trucker background comes to light.
  • A02 ~ The Rebirth of The Phoenix II

    08/01/3025Kira finds his old truck Falcon on display in the museum.
    Kira accepts a contract with the ISTM and gets a new truck from the CreativeTruck.
    09/01/3025Aia teaches Kira to use a space-truck.
    Kira draws with Aia in the simulator.
    First encounter with the Felii species and mestizos: Enya.
  • A03 ~ Flatmates

    10/01/3025Kira’s ID chip.
    Kira fetches his few possessions from his old Falcon.
    11/01/3025Aia’s first topless and Kira’s first hesitations.
    Shopping at the Retro Store.
    The terminal and the piloting theory.
  • A04 ~ SpaceCowboy Jim

    12/01/3025Kira accompanies Jim on a delivery.
    Kira’s first time on the space-highways.
    Kira’s first time visiting Jupiter.
    Kira’s first time visiting Alpha Centauri.
    Space Gates!
  • A05 ~ Base Station and Terraformers

    12/01/3025Kira’s first visit to the Base Station.
    First encounter with a pure Felii: Gweraz.
    First encounter with the Knoreliaz species: Casmerg and Ki’në.
    Kira gets a Stungun.
    First encounter with the Android species: Marta
    First encounter with the Bioandroid species: Frank
    What are Terraformers?
  • A06 ~ The Queen and the Phoenix

    13/01/3025Kira acompanies Aia on a delivery.
    Kira’s first time visiting Mercury.
    Kira’s first time visiting Neptune.
    New human friends: Marisa and Avasava.
    New tensions  Aia/Kira…
  • A07 ~ Troubled Hearts

    14/01/3025Today, Kira will take his exams… fingers crossed…
    Aia’s classic lolita dress.
    Visiting the Maids cafe.
    More tensions Aia/Kira.
    Inner New Angeles.
    The skywalks.
    The VPA.
  • A08 ~ The License

    14/01/3025First encounter with the Wigmez species
    The test…
    The exams…
    The practical tests…
    … in simulator.
    … real-life space-truck.
    and… Party!
    New term: The polyfamily.
    And… even more tensions Aia/Kira.
  • A09 ~ SpeedKitty Enya

    15/01/3025Kira gets to know Enya better.
    Kira’s first visit to the Gaian Space Port.
    Kira learns more about Aia from Enya.
    Enya teaches Kira the slingshot-technique.
    Kira’s first visit to the Service Station Delta-33.
    The station’s entertainment joints
    Kira’s first encounter with a eh’dë: Ahnehi
    Kira learns why he will have an interesting life…
    Enya’s confession…
  • A10 ~ DSD ~ Speed Kitty, part 2

    15/01/3025Yet again, a free-for-all fight…
    Enya explains a lot of stuff…
    … the on-screen AR-maps.
    … the string-compass.
    … the slingshots.
    … the truck’s operating system.
    Andromeda One Space-City.
    A Gymtastic experience…
    Enya’s temptation…
  • Ae1 ~ A Day in the Museum  Note: this extra chapter is out of chronological order, but does not influence in the whole story.

    29/01/3025Kira asks Aia for a tour through the museum.
    Kira discovers many new (or old) things…
    … the world’s virtualization.
    … the cyberbrain.
    … the Cyber-Apocalypse day…
    … the Third World War.
    … the first encounter.
    Líf and Lífþrasir.
    … terraforming of Mars and Venus.
    … Androids and Bioandroids.
    … old movies.
    … stories about Cyborgs and medical stuff.
    A Japanese dinner for two.
  • A11 ~ Falcon

    24/01/3025Today’s the day! Kira finally gets his new Falcon.
     Flashback of the past week…
     … working on his Falcon.
     … a haul with Jim.
     … finds his genes…
     … a disastrous haul with Enya.
     … another haul with Aia.
     Unveiling of the new Falcon.
     Race around Gaia.
     The Interview.
     Enya’s flirting.
     Kira’s rejection.
     Drunken and sober talks with Aia.
  • A12 ~ Cargo 1: R u Sirius?

    27/01/3025Kira’s first solo-haul!
    Welcome to the Sirius sector! Health-check!
    Kira’s first encounter with the Irilÿx species
    The Irilÿx… an interesting species…
    V: a new friend.
    Kira, the heart-breaker of other species…
  • A13 ~ Cargo 8: The Space-Highways

  • Ax1 ~ Xivaz, the Wigmez

  • A14 ~ All Systems Down!

  • Ax2 ~ Visayc, the Reaf

  • A15 ~ Cargo 34: Schrödinger Project

  • A16 ~ SOS: Black Hole!

  • Ax3 ~ Bea, the Human

  • A17 ~ Cargo 51. Roswell

  • A18 ~ Cargo 55: The Voyager

  • A19 ~ Stories

  • A20 ~ Kitty’s Legacy

  • A21 ~ Cargo 66: Crushmont

  • A22 ~ The Bionic Phoenix 

  • A23 ~ Restart (development title)

  • A24 ~ The Ostis Incident


Arc BTBA 27/08/3025 to (TBA)

  • B00 ~ Prelude

  • B01 ~ TBA


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