• MetalHeaven

All chapters of SpaceHighway in which the pub MetalHeaven appears.

SpaceHighway: The Awakened: A03 ~ Flatmates v 5

A03 ~ Flatmates

Chapter 3 of 24 from the series SpaceHighway: The Awakened

Third chapter of SpaceHighway: The Awakened, Flatmates.

Kira finally becomes a legal citizen. He is still freeloading and occupies Aia‘s living room. Kira is reluctant, while Aia is happy that they are flatmates…
Unsure of what his future will look, he tries to adapt himself to the circumstances and the new world. How can he get through the day? And how will his relationship with the bluish alien develop?

SpaceHighway: The Awakened: 01 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix v 6

A01 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix

Chapter 1 of 24 from the series SpaceHighway: The Awakened

First chapter of SpaceHighway: The Awakened, The Rebirth of the Phoenix.

Kira awakens disoriented in a different world in a different era. How will he adapt and survive? Find out more in The Rebirth of the Phoenix, first part.

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