• Kitty

All chapters of SpaceHighway in which the character Kitty is mentioned.

SpaceHighway: The Awakened: Kitty's Legacy v 3

A20 ~ Kitty’s Legacy

Chapter 20 of 24 from the series SpaceHighway: The Awakened

Twentieth chapter of SpaceHighway: The AwakenedA20 ~ Kitty’s Legacy

While Kira is coming to terms with his feelings, his past chases him down…
He needs all the help he can muster to go through it and keep in the present.

SpaceHighway: The Awakened: A04 ~ Space Cowboy Jim v 5

A04 ~ Space Cowboy Jim

Chapter 4 of 24 from the series SpaceHighway: The Awakened

Fourth chapter of SpaceHighway: The Awakened, Space Cowboy Jim.

Kira finally hits the space-highways! Happily, Jim, the Space Cowboy, takes him on one of his trips.
Being an Awakened, Kira has a lot to learn about space-cargo. Time to get a space-update.

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