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SpaceHighway series status

SpaceHighway: The Awakened

SpaceHighway ~ The Awakened

A13 ~ Cargo 8: The Space-Highways

Status: Out for Everyone!
Completed: 100%
100% Complete
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A14 ~ All Systems Down!

Status:  Revisions
Edition: 100%
100% Complete
Revision: 90%
90% Complete
Completed: 58%
58% Complete

Last updated: 2018/02/11

A15 ~ Cargo 24: Schröndinger Project

Status:  Edition
Development: 100%
100% Complete
Edition: 25%
25% Complete
Completed: 25%
25% Complete

A16 ~ SOS! – Black Hole!

Status:  Development
Development: 15%
15% Complete
Completed: 3%
3% Complete

Each chapter has four status stages:

 Development/Translation: Progress of the development or translation of the chapter.
 Edition: Progress of the editing process. Scenes are edited, even changed, to fix into the whole story.
 Revisions: Progress of the revisions. In this stage the chapter is checked (and re-checked) for content consistencies.
 Proofreading: Progress of the proofreading by third party proofreaders.
Clean-up: Integrating proofreaders’ comments and corrections.

 Completed: Average of the total completion.
 Published: The chapter has been published.
Note: all progress statuses are approximate.

Note: the chapters’ names may change before publishing



SpaceHighway series stats

These stats include only the chapter’s total words and characters. Notes, comments, references, footnotes and annexes are not included.
Note: These statistics include the chapters’ full text, including the eXtended sections.


The Awakened

A01The Rebirth of the Phoenix7,96443,799
A02The Rebirth of the Phoenix II8,04445,443
A04Space Cowboy Jim8,20046,757
A05Base Station and Terraformers8,62348,976
A06The Queen and the Phoenix7,56942,318
A07Troubled Hearts7,11639,682
A08The License7,86144,649
A09SpeedKitty Enya9,26652,921
Ae1Extra 1 ~ A Day in the Museum9,90259,014

Last updated: 2017-12-17





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