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SpaceHighway: The Awakened

SpaceHighway ~ The Awakened

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A16 ~ SOS: Black Hole!

Status: Out for Everyone!
Completed: 100%
100% Complete
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A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell

Status:  Revisions (DELAYED)
Edition: 100%
100% Complete
Revision: 90%
90% Complete
Completed: 58%
58% Complete

Last updated: 2018/05/13

A18 ~ Cargo 55: The Voyager

Status:  Edition (DELAYED)
Development: 100%
100% Complete
Edition: 25%
25% Complete
Completed: 25%
25% Complete

A19 ~ Cargo 57:

Status:  Development (DELAYED)
Development: 15%
15% Complete
Completed: 3%
3% Complete

Each chapter has four status stages:

 Development/Translation: Progress of the development or translation of the chapter.
 Edition: Progress of the editing process. Scenes are edited, even changed, to fix into the whole story.
 Revisions: Progress of the revisions. In this stage the chapter is checked (and re-checked) for content consistencies.
 Proofreading: Progress of the proofreading by third party proofreaders.
Clean-up: Integrating proofreaders’ comments and corrections.

 Completed: Average of the total completion.
 Published: The chapter has been published.
Note: all progress statuses are approximate.

Note: the chapters’ names may change before publishing
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SpaceHighway series stats

These stats include only the chapter’s total words and characters. Notes, comments, references, footnotes and annexes are not included.
Note: These statistics include the chapters’ full text, including the eXtended sections.


The Awakened

A01 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix47,96443,799Non-eXtended
A02 ~ The Rebirth of the Phoenix II48,04445,443Non-eXtended
A03 ~ Flatmates48,08744,956Non-eXtended
A04 ~ Space Cowboy Jim28,20046,757Non-eXtended
A05 ~ Base Station and Terraformers48,62348,976Non-eXtended
A06 ~ The Queen and the Phoenix47,56942,319eXtended
A07 ~ Troubled Hearts37,25340,522eXtended
A08 ~ The License37,86844,727eXtended
A09 ~ SpeedKitty Enya39,27553,005eXtended
A10 ~ DSD ~ SpeedKitty Enya, part 228,72749,642eXtended
Ae1 ~ A Day in the Museum29,90259,014Non-eXtended
A11 ~ Falcon28,20745,456eXtended
A12 ~ Cargo 1: R u Sirius?28,30445,777eXtended
A13 ~ Cargo 8: The Space-Highways26,89937,889Non-eXtended
A14 ~ All Systems Down28,61447,939eXtended
A15 ~ Cargo 34: Schrödinger Project28,10844,654eXtended
A16 ~ SOS – Black Hole26,51236,524eXtended

Last updated: 2018-06-07