The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia has been ported from a Glossary plugin to a custom post type.

Why? For several reasons:

  • Half of the functions the old plugin offered were unused on this site. Too much unneeded code was loading.
  • The lack of hierarchic taxonomies (categories) in the old plugin. And I wanted (“needed”) it.
  • The auto-linking of terms is handled by another plugin anyway, no need for more plugins.
  • The CPT enabled the possibility to have custom URLs, rendering the /glossary/ slug to /encyclopedia/.
  • And finally, a full control on what happens in the back-end of WordPress.

Please, notice that I do like the WP-Glossary Plugin and I simply have decided to use a custom way to implement part of its function.

While porting all the entries over, I took special care to keep all the data, including the publishing dates.
All old links have been updated and, if an old one is still in use, redirections are in place so that no 404s will appear.

Enjoy the brand-new SpaceHighway Encyclopedia,

Siggy Simon Jr.

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