Dear readers, dear patrons,
I am afraid I have to announce that this week’s patron-chapter has to be pushed back by one week.

Due to all the sudden workload imposed by several professors from the university I attend, the chapter due for tomorrow is not ready.
I hoped that, despite all the workload from my classes, I would be able to polish and finish up the next chapter “Falcon” in time. The chapter is essentially finished, but lacks in several key areas. Rereading the chapter, I noticed I have to rewrite several passages I messed up.

I myself hate delays, but I will not publish a chapter I am not happy with. You, readers, deserve more than a half-backed chapter.

I have to admit that I messed up with this chapter and that I rewrote it several times, and I am still not convinced of the quality of its content. It is barely finished, but I have no physical time to finish it today, as I have urgent matters to attend for my degree. Even if SpaceHighway is one of my highest priorities, my university degree in English Studies has top priority.

Said that, I will push the publication of chapter 11 “Falcon” to next Sunday the 17th. This extra week will allow me to polish the chapter to publishing quality.
Sadly, this means that all future chapters will be pushed back by one week, the publishing calendar is updated to reflect the changes.

But, do not fret, dear patrons, you will receive a small extra in exchange. Tomorrow, at the usual time, I will publish an interview with Kira. This interview was planned to be released for everyone after the chapter “Falcon” is published.

Again, I am truly sorry for this unplanned delay, and I hope you will, at least, enjoy the little extra.

Thank you for your understanding and your patronage,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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