Delays again… what now?

Yes… I owe all my readers a huge apology and an explanation.
As you might know already, I hate delays and more if I am the cause.

TL;DR: I am pushing back the public release of the chapter “Return to the Space Highways” due to being rushed and not ready for publication. My work and university-related commitments have taken over my writing schedule, and I did not take all the care I should have for this chapter.

When I laid out the planning with all the publishing dates, I took into account every possible variable known at that time. I studied at the university and worked on SpaceHighway. I was, essentially, living from my savings.
Most short delays happened when I traveled between islands and did not have time to publish that day. A day traveling is a day lost.
The longer delays were results of my university commitments during exams or other heavy work like some end-of-course dissertations or similar.

Okay, that was then, and now?
Meanwhile, I am on my final year of the degree with just one course and an end-of-degree dissertation, which is a smaller version of a thesis. Meaning, I have to investigate my selected topic and redact a dissertation. Sounds simple, but is not. The writing part is not the problem, but the investigation part is. It takes most of my time.
I’ve got a job, a full-time job. This job came at the right moment, just when my savings were about to reach a critical point. The audiovisual and animation industry called me back yet again. I left the industry about five years ago to focus on my studies, and now I am back. I have to admit, I missed it, and I am quite happy with my job as a compositing artist at a local animation studio.
What’s more, I have been invited into an investigation group from my university to participate in an educational book related to iconography of fashion in culture. This invitation was too good to ignore.

Now, summing up my daily schedule: I work 8 hours, from 9am to 5pm; then I go to the library to gather all the material, and analyze it, for my end-of-degree dissertation and the investigation group, that’s from 5:30pm to 8pm. Excluding some moments to take a rest, I’m sitting in front of a computer for 11 hours a day… Not really healthy. Gulping down coffee after coffee to keep me awake, not healthy either… Arriving home around 9pm, I am beat… and unable to write on what I really want, SpaceHighway.
Now I have the weekends left…
I tried to use Saturdays to only write on SpaceHighway… impossible… I am burnt out and unable to concentrate for more than an hour. A few hours here and there on one day is too little to write something consistent.
Sundays? I always had Sundays mornings reserved to jog a bit in the morning and then prepare the publication of the day. A last read-through, some minor fixes, compiling and formatting the PDFs and the ebooks, and publishing them. That leaves me having some free time, from 5pm onwards. Perhaps, I am able to write a bit, but most of the times I am burnt out and unable to do anything productive.

As you might notice, I have not even the slightest time for social relations outside my workplace and the university…

Before my carefully planned schedule was torn apart, I was writing at least an hour a day. Plus another hour re-reading or editing stuff I wrote. Half an hour to document myself about stuff I need for consistency, to draw up some sketches, or to lie down the plot line.
That has all but gone.

It is heartbreaking for me to push my beloved project back in favor of other stuff.
But I have to prioritize.
What comes first? My job. As long as SpaceHighway does not provide me with enough money to cover my living expenses, a full-time job has its priority.
Next? My university degree. Having worked hard on getting through the degree in English Studies, I cannot leave it in my final year.
And next? The investigation group. I am sorry, but this is a once-in-a-life opportunity. Having my work published in a university-backed book is something I cannot ignore.
And lastly, SpaceHighway… I keep working hard on my beloved project. Despite the lack of time I have, I put all my efforts into it, at least the energy left after the other priorities.

I am not keen to leave SpaceHighway behind, not a bit. I still aim for the publishing date of the ebook. I still strive to publish the last two chapters of the first arc in time despite all the setbacks. It is bad luck that the last two chapters have coincided with such a heavy non-related workload.

The biggest problem: I lack time to polish the chapters enough for publication, and I rush through them instead of carefully craft them. The last published Patreon chapter “Return to the Space Highways” is a mess… I shouldn’t have published it by all means and should have admitted that it wasn’t ready. Speaking with my few patrons, I agreed to rework the chapter from the ground up. The plot is fine, but not how I described it. I need to retouch almost every dialogue and paragraph.

In light of the above, I am saddened to say that I have to push back the public version of the chapter “Return to the Space Highways”.
I will not give an exact publishing date, but I hope it will be during this week or the next weekend. I will work as much as I can on it today, but I cannot guarantee that it will be ready.
I am truly sorry for all these delays.
The only thing I can guarantee is that once I have finished my degree and the educational book is edited, I will have enough free time to go back to my original schedule.
Surely there will be one scheduled delay, the days I move to another flat, but I will notify it in time.

Again, I am sorry for yet another delay and am thankful for your understanding,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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