Read the post about the obvious delay of the ebook.

Dear readers, dear patrons,

The first arc of SpaceHighwayThe Awakened, has concluded with the last chapter The Ostis Incident.

Above all, I have to thank the readers of SpaceHighway for their patience throughout these two years of the making of The Awakened. Special thanks go to the few patrons on Patreon who supported SpaceHighway until now. Further thanks go to my family which has kept encouraging me.

I dedicate this arc to Paula, who was the driving force in persuading me to reboot SpaceHighway and publish it in English, and whom I miss dearly.

Now that The Awakened has ended, what will happen?

First, I will go through every chapter and release revisions, as I was already doing once a month. But this time, it will be, at least, one every weekend.

Then, I will compile all the chapters into one book. There will be two editions, a standard and an extended one. This extended edition is the same extended edition available to Instructors or higher tiers on Patreon.

I have set the publication date of SpaceHighway: The Awakened on the weekend of May 25th to 26th. I will try to meet this deadline but is not written in stone. If I feel I need more time, I will postpone the publication for a month.

Why not set a further date?

Simply, because I do believe I will be able to finish it by then, at least the special signed edition for the few patrons who have supported me over the last two years.

I strive, however, to meet this deadline. And I am convinced that I will meet it, but for unforeseen circumstances.



Read the post about the obvious delay of the ebook.


Now, I’ll answer some already asked and foreseeable questions.

When will SpaceHighway: The Awakened be published?

If nothing goes wrong, on the weekend of the 25th to the 26th of March.

In what format and where will the book be published?

For now, only the ebook format is planned.

I am still weighing the self-publishing options. Most likely, the first edition will be published on the Amazon Kindle Store. Other ebook retailers may also be an option, depending on the imposed conditions.

Could I buy the ebook directly from you?

Right now I am not too keen to invest into the possibility.

I do have the website and the basic infrastructure, but I have other priorities than building an online shop.

Until the ebook is published, what will happen?

I will publish revisions of the already published chapters every weekend.

After the ebook is published, what will happen?

The second arc of SpaceHighway will start.

What’s the name of the next arc?

I will disclose it the day it goes online.

What’s in for the supporters on Patreon while you just publish revisions?

Supporters on Patreon will still receive their special files and their special editions, depending on their tier.

And, once a month, they will still receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes update.

Plus, every patron keeping funding the project will receive a personalized and signed edition.

Also, patrons will have a sneak peek into the next arc’s story.

About the next arc…

Just a few things to reveal:

This arc will be quite shorter than The Awakened. It spans over sixteen chapters and one prelude.

The chapters will not have a word limit, neither an upper nor a lower one. If two consecutive chapters are too short, I will publish them together. The rough number of words of around 8000 will still be valid per publication, albeit not per chapter.

The tone of the arc will also change a bit, but I will not disclose it further.

Kira will still be the first person narrator, this will not change.

New characters, new places, and new gadgets will appear. Some of these, quite important for the further development of SpaceHighway.

Of course, further spicy extended editions will have their places. These extended scenes will be quite longer and more detailed. In return, there will be no special NSFW chapters for patrons.

And… No, I will not disclose more for now…


I hope I have answered the most basic questions. If more flow in, I will update this post.

Thank you again for following me on Kira’s adventures,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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