Update Aug 19th: I am back on track and will publish A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell on September 2nd. Meanwhile, enjoy the revisions of the first three chapters.


I hate delays, and more if I am the cause of it.
Said that, I need to explain the constant delays I am making you suffer during the publication of SpaceHighway.
I am finishing the degree in English Studies at my local university, meaning, I am sitting for my last exams and working hard on the end-of-degree dissertation. In addition to that, I have got a new job as the IT guy for a small animation studio. Both, the university and the job require, right now, my full attention. Without the job, I would have enough time to dedicate some hours a day to develop and write on SpaceHighway, the same can be said with my university obligations.
If all goes well, I will be finished with the degree by end of July, if things go wrong, by mid-September. With the degree finished, I will have enough time to dedicate the required span to SpaceHighway.
I have spoken with the few patrons who support my work on SpaceHighway, and we have reached an agreement to push back the publication of brand-new chapters in favor of republishing revisions of the already published ones to free up a bit my tight schedule.

What does this mean?
I will push back all new chapters until end of August.
In its stead, I publish revisions of the already published ones.
This push-back would give me enough time to finish all the stuff I have to do for the degree. Once finished, I can dedicate myself to recover the pace I was keeping until the last two, three months.

Why now?
As mentioned, I need to focus my attention on my end-of-degree dissertation. I tried to keep both, the publishing of new chapters for SpaceHighway and the dissertation, on time, but failed due to my tight schedule. Now I am backed up on both, on SpaceHighway and the dissertation.

What happens to the patron’s specials?
I will keep publishing them. The only thing changing is that instead of the new chapters, I publish revisions on both, the patrons-only and the public publishing days for all.
This decision was taken together with the few patrons supporting this project.

This is not professional…
I understand that. But, right now, the SpaceHighway project does not, by all means, cover all my expenses related to it.
It should also be understandable that my degree has priority over anything else, I am paying for it. Plus, I would not leave my job which makes it possible to pay my living expenses, including the enrollment. If SpaceHighway had that role, I can assure you that I would not take this action as I would have no need for a second job.

Okay, then when will the new chapters come back?
Have a look at the publishing calendar, I have updated it to reflect the changes.

What will happen with the new free chapter this week?
I will push it back. I am sorry, but I have to revise it thoroughly because I am not satisfied with the result.

Not satisfied with the result? What do you mean?
It was rushed due to the lack of time. This was too obvious and my patrons can tell it.
I want to publish quality chapters, not lousy ones, but for that, I need time, time I do not have until the end of July.
But! I will not, by any means, neglect my few readers and patrons. Revising already published chapters will not need that much time as developing and writing new ones.

But, didn’t you wrote, time ago, that you always have some chapters in development?
I did. But due to the lack of time, I got backed up and right now I have no chapters done in advance. I merely have the ideas and rough sketches for scenes of those new chapters, not a fully developed framework for them.

I am truly ashamed and angry that I have to push back my beloved work on SpaceHighway, but I have to set priorities. I cannot jeopardize my degree in English Studies for the work I love, nor can I jeopardize the job which pays my bills. Sadly, the least priority is on SpaceHighway right now… Once I finish the end dissertation, I will be able to move the allotted time back to SpaceHighway. I surely will be slightly backed up for SpaceHighway, but I doubt there will be any more delays but of force majeure.
I apologize for this seemingly trivial delay, for me it is hard to admit that I am unable to balance my work on SpaceHighway, my part-time job and my degree. Until the last few months I was able to do it, but upon reaching the end of the degree, the last few months, my orderly time-table became a mayhem.
For the last semester, I had to attend an obligatory internship on the other side of the island which I enjoyed but took two whole days out of my schedule. I was, and still am, tutoring several freshmen and sophomores in the afternoons. I had to attend classes and do a series of practical exercises. In addition, I was working on the already over-mentioned end-of-degree dissertation. Plus, to all of this, I got a new job. My carefully planned weeks were suddenly over-booked.
Usually, I develop, write, and/or edit in the afternoons on weekdays, and the whole day on Saturdays. But due to the huge work volume, I got too tired and Saturdays became my sleep-in days…

Again, I am truly sorry for these delays.
I want to be as transparent as possible and explain the real reasons behind these delays. It is not that I lack the ability to schedule my time, it simply has been too much to handle and now I need some time to get back on track.
As said, I will not neglect the loyal readership nor go on hiatus or anything similar, I just need to reorganize until the end of July.

Update Aug 19th: I am back on track and will publish A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell on September 2nd. Meanwhile, enjoy the revisions of the first three chapters.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for reading my work, and especially a huge thank you to my few patrons,
Siggy Simon Jr.

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