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About the delays…

I hate delays, and more if I am the cause of it.

Said that, I need to explain the constant delays I am making you suffer during the publication of SpaceHighway.

TL;DR: I will push back the publication of new chapters until end August due to university commitments.

Update Aug 19th: I am back on track and will publish A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell on September 2nd. Meanwhile, enjoy the revisions of the first three chapters.

Read the full post for more info.
SpaceHighway News

Slight delay for the 3rd revision of A07 ~ Troubled Hearts

The third revision of chapter A07 ~ Troubled Hearts is ready for publishing tomorrow.

However, due to traveling times tomorrow, I am visiting my parents over the holidays, the chapter’s revision will be published either late or, more likely, around midday on Monday the 25th.

SpaceHighway News


Dear readers, dear patrons,

I am afraid I have to announce that this week’s patron-chapter has to be pushed back by one week.