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The Awakened eBook sent to patrons!

I just finished sending all my eligible patrons both the standard and the extended edition of SpaceHighway: The Awakened.
This special version is labeled as “beta” and exclusive for my patrons. All eligible patrons will receive a copy again when the ebook goes public.

The next arc has finally its name!

It is called The Queen and the King of the Space Highways

And will start next week!


Arc The Awakened is finished!

Dear readers, dear patrons,

The first arc of SpaceHighwayThe Awakened, has concluded with the last chapter The Ostis Incident.

Above all, I have to thank the readers of SpaceHighway for their patience throughout these two years of the making of The Awakened. Special thanks go to the few patrons on Patreon who supported SpaceHighway until now. Further thanks go to my family which has kept encouraging me.


Delays again… what now?

Delays again… what now?

Yes… I owe all my readers a huge apology and an explanation.
As you might know already, I hate delays and more if I am the cause.

TL;DR: I am pushing back the public release of the chapter “Return to the Space Highways” due to being rushed and not ready for publication. My work and university-related commitments have taken over my writing schedule, and I did not take all the care I should have for this chapter.

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SpaceHighway News

About the delays…

I hate delays, and more if I am the cause of it.

Said that, I need to explain the constant delays I am making you suffer during the publication of SpaceHighway.

TL;DR: I will push back the publication of new chapters until end August due to university commitments.

Update Aug 19th: I am back on track and will publish A17 ~ Cargo 51: Roswell on September 2nd. Meanwhile, enjoy the revisions of the first three chapters.

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SpaceHighway News

Slight delay for the 3rd revision of A07 ~ Troubled Hearts

The third revision of chapter A07 ~ Troubled Hearts is ready for publishing tomorrow.

However, due to traveling times tomorrow, I am visiting my parents over the holidays, the chapter’s revision will be published either late or, more likely, around midday on Monday the 25th.

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