Establishments appearing in the SpaceHighway series.

Encyclopedia: CreativeTruck


Sale, repair shop and tuning of space-trucks. The best-known place by truckers from the Sol system to buy and tune space-trucks. Owned by Kim and Kite. No tuning is impossible for them.

Main sponsor for the annual tuning and graffiti contest for space-trucks.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: John's Café

John’s Café

One of the best cafés of New Angeles.

Its owner John looks remarkably like John Lennon.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: MaryQueens


Located in the Alpha-XT space station. Considered one of the best places to meet the Queen and the Phoenix.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: MetalHeaven


Retro-pub, heavy metal themed. Near Aia’s apartment.

Appears first in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Retro Store

Retro Store

A retro-store. Sells all kind of gadget and cloths from the past centuries and millenniums. Some are true relics from the past, most are, however, imitations based on old designs.

Some blocks away from Aia’s Apartment.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Romeo&Juliet


Is considered the most prestigious restaurant of New Angeles.

Renown for its serene and romantic ambiance, and for the quality of the offered services.

Each night it offers a firework display.

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