Kira Matsumoto

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Main character of the SpaceHighway series.

During an experiment in the year 2012, Kira was cryopreserved and awakened on January the 7th, 3025.

Appears first in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

Basic Data

Name: Kira
Surname: Matsumoto
Pronunciation (IPA): Matsumoto Kira /ˈmatsuˌmoto ˈkɪra/
Name in native language: 松本 吉良 (Japanese)
Nickname(s): The Phoenix, King of the Highways
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Species: Human/Gaian (Gaian-Human)
Ethnicity: Mixed, Japanese and Filipino*
Gaian Age: 30, gY(Gaian Years)
Birthday: 1982/07/15
Day of Awakening: 3025/01/07

* officially he is Filipino, but Kira isn’t so sure about it… His appearance does not corresponds to Filipino, nor Filipino-Japanese (see chapter A05 ~ Base Station and Terraformers)…


Physical aspects

General description

Quite tall for an Asian. Strong and fit.

Detail description

Skin color: Dark skinned, light brown.
Height: 189cm
Hair style: Long, underneath shoulder length. Usually bun into a pony-tail.
Hair color: Black
Face: Roundish but slightly angular. Usually shaved, sometimes with stubble.
Eyes: black
Body: Quite strong and muscular due exercises. Little body hair.
Implants: none

Living place

Name: Aia’s apartment

Address: Apt. 32, 2726 New East Broadway, New Angeles, USNA, Gaia



  • Spouse: none registered.
  • Kids: none registered.
  • Father: no input.
  • Mother: no input.
  • Other: no input.


  • Job: Truck driver / Space truck pilot / Space trucker
  • Workplace: Freelance (past), ISTM (present)
  • Corporation: ISTM


  • Studied: Mechanics (Automotive Mechanic Certificate)
  • At: East Los Angeles College


  • Usual: Leather jacket. Jeans. Boots. Heavy metal and rock themed t-shirts. Mixture of a 20th century truck driver and a biker. Rock/metal t-shirts: Metallica, AC/DC, Kiss, …
  • Special: “I have nothing the like yet…”
  • Jewellery: none.

Likes, dislikes, addictions,…

  • Likes: Women. Good food. Trucking.
  • Dislikes: Stupid and violent people. “Assholes”. Disrespect to women.
  • Addictions: Smoking and drinking beer.
  • Music: Rock, Hard rock, Heavy metal.
  • Food: Japanese food, “standard American” food. Although he keeps care to have a balanced and healthy meal.



  • Revolver: S&W M29, caliber .44 magnum
    • Ammunition
  • Stungun

Other: no input


  • Terminal
  • Digibook


Other possessions

  • Photo album (paper)
  • Books (paper)
    • Hardcover books
      • Lord of the Rings
      • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
      • Snow Crash
      • Neuromancer
    • Paperback books
      • Philip K. Dick collection.
      • William Gibson collection.
      • Clarke collection.
      • Carl Sagan collection.
  • CD / MP3 Player for truck
  • Toolbox


Basic bio

Got his driver license at the age of 16 and begun to work as truck driver.

Father Japanese, Mother mestizo japanese-filipino. Both were born in Okinawa, Japan. They emigrated to the USA few months before Kira was born due his father’s work.


First Chapter:

Recurrent Chapter:

  • All future chapters / episodes.


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