Hiato Mitsubishi

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One of the recurring characters of the SpaceHighway series. Owner of the ISTM. Oldest sibling of the Mitsubishi Family.


Appears first  in: A02 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix II

Basic Data

Mitsubishi Hiato

Name: Hiato
Surname: Mitsubishi
Pronunciation (IPA): Mitsubishi Hiato /.mɪtsu’bɪʃi hɪato:/
Name in other language: 三菱 ほあと (Japanese)
Nickname(s): Mitsubishi-san, Mitsubishi-sama
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: no input.
Ethnicity/Race: Gaian/Japanese
Age: 114, gY (Gaian Years) [according to rumors] Birthday: no input.


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