Aia Asdiekx

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One of the main characters of the SpaceHighway series. She is renown as one of the best space-truckers, and to be from an unknown alien species.

Appears first  in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

Basic Data

Aia Asdiekx

Name: Aia
Surname: Asdiekx
Pronunciation (IPA): Aia Asdiekx /ˈaɪa ˈasdɪe̞ᵏs̆/
Name in native language: no input.
Nickname(s): Queen, The Queen, The Queen of the Highways
Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Ethnicity/Race: unknown
Age: 28, gY (Gaian Years)
Birthday: 2997/09/07 (adoption day)


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