The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)

Appear first  in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Car


Although still called cars, the resemblance with old twenty-first century vehicles is reduced to basic shapes. Modern vehicles lack wheels and are hovering, reducing friction only to air-pressure.
The “steering wheel” is superseded with a multipurpose joystick.
All cars have Augmented Reality displays embedded in their windshields for safety and navigation.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Data-Card


Special cards with high data capacity. Akin to pen-drives of the twenty-first century, having half the size of a credit card of the same era.

Two type of Data-Cards are in use, one for general data which is encrypted with authenticity-algorithms to trace the owner and/or issuer back, the other is highly encrypted and is used exclusively for monetary transactions. The latter is similar to the twenty-first century prepaid credit cards.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: DigiContract


A tablet-like gadget exclusively designed for handling contracts of any kind, features data-sync with a chip and a fingerprint reader.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Electro-click Lighter

Electro-click Lighter

Similar to twenty-first century car-lighters, the Electro-click Lighter has a heat coil embedded into a heat-resistant cylinder. A rechargeable battery powers the heater which turns on immediately upon pushing the click-button.
For safety reasons, a special cap covers the heat-coil protecting it and other objects in reach.
The main purpose for the Electro-click Lighter is to light smoking consumables

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Hydromat Showers

Hydromat Showers

Hydromat Showers are advanced touch-panel controlled showers.
Fully programmable custom presets and integrated gel dispensers.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Implants


Nowadays implants are quite common[citation needed]. Although the main purpose of implants is to substitute damaged organs and limbs, some[citation needed] have opted to substitute their working organs or limbs with implants of superior qualities[citation needed].

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Space Gates

Space Gates

Most big planets with enough traffic have its own Space Gate station. Those with high volume traffic have a Space Gate Complex.

The interior between Gates is similar to old-fashioned tunnels with several lanes apt for the width of a space-truck. Those tunnels are commonly called space-highways. Most space-highways have several exits and access points, similarly to the old Gaian terrestrial motorways and highways.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Video Wall

Video Wall

Also called Screen Wall, TV Wall or Picture Wall. Supersedes the old-fashioned TV-sets, plasma screens, projectors and other entertainment image displays.
Video Walls form part of the home entertainment system every standard home is featured with, and usually take up a greater portion of one of the living-room’s walls.
Standard Video Walls include the ability to navigate any known network, including GlobalNet or Unet. Telecommunication is also integrated and lets users to use the wall and its camera(s) to interact with their terminals.