Characters whose origin is the planet Gaia.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Android


Humanoid robot with advanced artificial intelligence, able to feel and show feelings. They are considered a species inside the whole humanoid genus.

Android is the generic term used in this article, including both male and females. In more specific terms, android refers to males and gynoid refers to females of this species.

Note: Bioandroids are considered yet another species but as their development is based on the android development, they share many features, see Bioandroid.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Bioandroid


Androids based on biogenic advances. An evolutive form of androids. Are capable of feeling thanks to an advance AI. Partially based on the bionic technology.

Enya Xeviryo (SpeedKitty)

Enya Xeviryo

One of the secondary characters of the SpaceHighway series. She is renown as one of the fastest space-truckers.

Appears first in: A02 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix II

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Hiato Mitsubishi

Hiato Mitsubishi

One of the recurring characters of the SpaceHighway series. Owner of the ISTM. Oldest sibling of the Mitsubishi Family.

Appears first in: A02 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix II

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Kira Matsumoto

Kira Matsumoto

Main character of the SpaceHighway series.

During an experiment in the year 2012, Kira was cryopreserved and awakened on January the 7th, 3025.

Appears first in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Sue & Buz

Sue & Buz

Two of the recurring characters of the SpaceHighway series.

Sue and Buz own the Sol-famous MaryQueens on the Alpha Station.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: The Cole Brothers

The Cole Brothers

Three (somewhat) recurrent characters of the SpaceHighway series. Notorious for their bad manners and always wanting a fight. At least the youngest has a crush on Aia Asdiekx, the others have not expressed it openly.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Yuuki


Mitsubishi-san‘s secretary. Not much is known about her. According to recent rumors, she lives with him in his space mansion. Some say she might be his lover, others, his daughter.

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