The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Data-Card


Special cards with high data capacity. Akin to pen-drives of the twenty-first century, having half the size of a credit card of the same era.

Two type of Data-Cards are in use, one for general data which is encrypted with authenticity-algorithms to trace the owner and/or issuer back, the other is highly encrypted and is used exclusively for monetary transactions. The latter is similar to the twenty-first century prepaid credit cards.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: DigiContract


A tablet-like gadget exclusively designed for handling contracts of any kind, features data-sync with a chip and a fingerprint reader.

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Electro-click Lighter

Electro-click Lighter

Similar to twenty-first century car-lighters, the Electro-click Lighter has a heat coil embedded into a heat-resistant cylinder. A rechargeable battery powers the heater which turns on immediately upon pushing the click-button.
For safety reasons, a special cap covers the heat-coil protecting it and other objects in reach.
The main purpose for the Electro-click Lighter is to light smoking consumables

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