SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: MetalHeaven


Retro-pub, heavy metal themed. Near Aia‘s apartment.

Appears first in: A01 ~ The rebirth of the Phoenix

The SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Museum of Gaian History (N.A.)

Museum of Gaian History (N.A.)

Biggest Museum of Gaian History in the USNA. Located in New Angeles. Famous for its History of Gaian Terrestrial Transport hall where the mythical Phoenix’s twenty-first century truck Falcon is on display.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Retro Store

Retro Store

A retro-store. Sells all kind of gadget and cloths from the past centuries and millenniums. Some are true relics from the past, most are, however, imitations based on old designs.

Some blocks away from Aia‘s Apartment.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: Romeo&Juliet


Is considered the most prestigious restaurant of New Angeles.

Renown for its serene and romantic ambiance, and for the quality of the offered services.

Each night it offers a firework display.

SpaceHighway Encyclopedia: VPA

VPA – Vehicle and Pilots Administration

Vehicle and Pilots Administration
A dependency of the Ministry of Transports.
Administrative agency responsible for evaluating and issuing piloting licenses and cargo transport licenses.

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